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Gnome Runner is a free game for Mac similar to the famous arcade game Lode Runner
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Mac OS
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27 July 2011

Editor's review

For all the Mac users Gnome Runner is certainly one of the best arcade game you will ever play. This fast paced game will surely rock you once you start playing. The game is all about running through each level, collecting treasures, beating the monsters and completing the game. You will be playing as the Runner climbing up and down the ladders, hanging on the bars and jumping your way through every obstacle. Monsters will be your worst enemies in the games that will try to hinder your path in every walk of the game. They will follow you everywhere you go. Unexpectedly appearing magic filled mushrooms will enable you to run very fast. Quick reflexes will be required so that you do not fall into the trap of any monster.

This amazing game has got fantastic features which you will confront with as the game progresses. You will have to play this game with huge agility traveling through each level and picking all the treasures. Monster will be always at you back so you need to be very careful and avoid collision with them at any cost else you will lose your lives that will be awarded to it. The mushrooms will fetch you points and running speed. If you miss the mushroom and any monster gets to it his speed will increase immensely and chase you down. In such case you should be using the shovel to dig trap for the monster and save yourself. You will be awarded a silver cup if you cross any level without losing even a single life. If you want a golden cup, then besides passing the level without losing a single life you should also pick all the magic mushrooms available.

As a really fast running game that you will be playing will your heart at your mouth, Gnome Runner for Mac 1.0 deserves no less than a score of four and half rating points.

Publisher's description

Gnome Runner is a free arcade game for PC and Mac. Playing as a gnome, you will have to get through levels collecting treasures. Watch out for the monsters! They will prevent you from completing the task.
You will be really amused with unexpectedly appearing magic mushrooms. After eating such mushrooms the monsters get the ability to run very fast, finding the shortest way to the gnome. You will need quick reflexes not to fall into the monsters' traps, and to get through levels successfully.
Brief description of the game rules:
In order to pass each level the player has to pick up all the treasures while trying to avoid collision with the monsters. With each collision the player will lose one life.
Every magic mushroom brings the player additional points. The monsters can pick up such mushrooms too. In this case they will improve their abilities, running very fast and preventing the gnome from collecting the treasures.
Every time the player passes a level without losing a life, he gets a silver cup. In order to get a gold cup, the player should not only pass a level and save all lives, but also pick up the necessary number of magic mushrooms.
Gnome Runner
Gnome Runner
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